A Series of Shock for South Korean Tourist. His Holiday Turns into a Mess

15th, 2015
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güney koreli turist (1)South Korean Jee Hyun Kang, 28, has become a victim of thieves and con men in Fethiye where he came for holiday. He said he would tell what happened to his friends planning to come to Turkey and warn them to be careful. Jee Hyun Kang who works as a marketing director in a store in Seoul in South Korea, came to Istanbul on June 4 for his 18 year holiday which he was planning to spend in Turkey and Greece. happened visited Istanbul for 3 days, he went to Karabük Safranbolu and his bag was stolen by the time he was travelling from Safranbolu to Cappadocia at Ankara Terminal on June 9. 800 Euros and 100 dollars which he saved for holiday have been stolen with his bags and he carried on having his holiday after he pressed charges.



Kang was trying to cover his holiday expenses via credit cards and came to Fethiye on June 11. Bus company staff at Fethiye Terminal asked Kang where he was going from Fethiye. Kang told them he wanted to go to Santorini Island in Greece and was directed to a private travel agency whose office is situated in the terminal. Kang was told that he might pass from Rhodes Island to Santorini in return for 50 Euro deposit, sold a ferry ticket with reservation and explained he would be taken from his hotel by a service.



Having waited for the service to take him to Rhodes ferry in front of the hotel where he was staying in the morning on June 15, Kang called for a taxi when no one showed up. Kang tried to catch the ferry at Port Fethiye by the taxi for which he paid his last cash money and had another shock when he arrived in the port. Kang found out that the agency selling the ticket to Rhodes had not carried out the required procedures for him to get on the ferry. Kang could not get on the ferry and his booking at the hotel in Santorini Island for which he paid 100 Euros went to waste. Kang’s holiday plans turned into a mess and he had to accommodate in Fethiye. Kang went to Tourism Information Office and pressed charges against the travel agency at Fethiye Terminal.



Jee Hyun Kang who was upset by all these incidents said, “I learned not to trust to anybody.” Kang also said he would tell what happened to his friends planning to come to Turkey and warn them to be careful. Kang explained his plans turned into a mess: “My booking at the hotel in Santorini has gone to waste. Taxi fee and hotel price here will be my extra expenses. I hope people who will come here will not experience the same things.”


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