A Thousand Earthquake Victims In Muğla

29th, 2011
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After the 7.2 earthquake in Van,  1000 of earthquake victims struggling to survive in tents will come to Muğla due to severe weather conditions.

It is reported that 1000 earthquake victims in Erciş, Van will come to Muğla due to rough weather.

For the citizens of Van, social facilities, hotels and recreational facilities were attempted to set, and studies being carried out carefully to avoid any negativity. Extensive information on the subject expected to be announced in the coming days.

After the big Van earthquake, some citizens were sent to various provinces to to spend the winter season and 1000 of them will be hosted in touristic facilities of Muğla.

Bodrum Hoteliers Association (BODER) declared that they could not take care of the earthquake victims for the occupancy rate of the facilities is 90 percent. An authority said simply “Our facilities were open at 17 August earthquake.  We could then host the victims in September and October.      “ The situation did not differ in Marmaris.

Hoteliers Association of South Aegean (GETOB) Chairman İlhan Açıkgöz said “Many of the facilities are closed due to the end of the season in Marmaris. We, as NOA Hotels welcome earthquake victims in our own facilities. In Sarıgerme, 50 families have been accepted in our facilities. Another 50 will be accepted in Marmaris facilities. Besides, we work as GETOB. Touristic facilities were closed, but most lodgings are open. We would like to allocate this lodgings to victims of the earthquake. We work hard on it.

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