Acupuncture: A proven alternative treatment method

11th, 2014
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Acupuncture: A proven alternative treatment method

Sufferers of hair loss, excessive weight, acne and the inability to quit smoking are seeking cures from practitioners of medical aesthetics.


The field of medical aesthetics is going through a visible transformation, and alternative treatment methods are attracting growing attention as advanced technology simplifies the jobs of the doctors. Particularly in the field of medical aesthetics, not a six moth period goes by where a new improved apparatus is not introduced. In such an environment, people want to have a practitioner and clinic they can count on. Emre Çiçek received certificates verifying his specialization in this field after formal medical training. He is qualified to give instruction in many procedures in medical aesthetics in Turkey.

Çiçek receives the greatest interest from women seeking to lose weight. He follows a number of procedures and treatments including acupuncture, low-frequency ultrasound and mesotherapy. However, he bases his decision as to which treatment is most suitable on a computer analysis. Patients with an extra 40-60 pounds to lose are first recommended acupuncture; by applying an acupuncture needle to the ear, the subject loses their appetite and interest in food as well as having an increased metabolism which can result in the loss of a few pounds in a week.

Çiçek argues that acupuncture is an effective treatment; he even asserts that millions of patients would be treated if the drug companies pressured doctors less. He uses gold or silver needles in his treatment as well as painless laser acupuncture and magnetic acupuncture. Çiçek is particularly strong in making smokers quit. A few years ago, Hasan Kaçan and Latif Demirci, who used to smoke three to four packs of cigarettes every day, stopped smoking after receiving his treatment. Likewise, a number of celebrities have also benefited from Çiçek’s methods in quitting smoking.

Acupuncture is the best way to break the smoking habit        

How does acupuncture work? The patient does not smoke at all for 48 hours; during this period, needles are stuck in certain spots on the ear area; one of these needles excretes nicotine as the other deals with the tension and stress caused by the state of non-smoking. Another needle activates the parasympathetic system to make sure that the metabolism works properly. In the end, the subject quits smoking without suffering from distress and discomfort. The patient stops in the first session; however, additional sessions are held to check the final status. The method involves no side affects and the cost of the treatment is TL 1,000.

Implanted hair no different from regular hair

Hair loss is no longer a problem for men; Çiçek, who has received the training necessary for this treatment, is a hair-implant specialist. Patients are willing to go through his procedure because it does not require surgery. In this system, the subject gets their hair cut extremely short, a little longer than a head shave; subsequently, a single root of a hair strand is extracted; this particular root that is fed with special solutions for two hours is then implanted into the bald area.

The area where hairs are implanted would be bruised and swollen when conventional methods were used but, Çiçek underlines, there are no side effects with his procedure and patients are free to go home shortly after the treatment. He further adds that the patients will grow hair they can brush in a few months. The cost of hair implants is TL 4,000.

Acne, wrinkles are treated in a short time

Çiçek employs different technologies in his clinic including radio-frequency, oxygen treatment, mesotherapy and laser treatment. These methods pay off swiftly to treat intricate and difficult problems including wrinkles and pimples. Çiçek has trained women personnel as practitioners of these methods because of the volume of female clients.

Resource: Today’s Zaman

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