Airbon Pipe Breaks off at Fun Fair: 2 Children Injured

5th, 2015
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A pipe of the airbon broke off at the fun fair in Fethiye and 2 children were injured.

2 children got injured when the airbon at the fun fair broke off. The accident was recorded by a cell phone camera. Children at the fun fair in Hisarönü faced with a disaster. Kenan B. (11) and Bilal B. (13), brothers sitting on the airbon, fell down when the pipe suddenly broke. The accident caused a big panic at the fun fair. A woman seeing the accident felt faint. Paramedics took the injured children and the woman feeling faint to the hospitals in Fethiye after the first medical treatment. 2 children, mildly injured, had an outpatient treatment and were discharged. The panic at the fun fair was recorded by a citizen. Ölüdeniz Gendarmerie Command has started an investigation regarding the accident.

One of the directors of the fun fair explained, “We took the children to the hospital. There was no panic during the incident. It is all a manufacture error. Everything works well in our fun fair except the airbon.”


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