AKUT Rescues the Geological Engineer Stuck in the Canyon

27th, 2013
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bu54 year old Geological Engineer Tamer Kurtman and 35 year old technician Mustafa Başkaya were stuck at KaranlıkDereCanyon where they entered to carry out a geological survey and rescued by AKUT (The Search and Rescue Operation) with 11 hour operation. Burdur Governorship assigned the Geological Engineer Tamer Kurtman and technician Mustafa Başkaya from Provincial Disaster Emergency Management to carry out a geological survey at KaranlıkDereCanyon in Ören Village of Fethiye within the borders of Gölhisar District of Burdur. The survey team came to Ballıca Village of Gölhisar with the guide Abdullah Yurtseven at about 10.00 a.m., climbed down the canyon and went hiking toward ÖrenVillage. Tamer Kurtman examined the ground structure of the canyon which is famous for its waterfalls and took notes, however he felt dizzy due to dehydration during the trip. Kurtman went on his way with the help of the guide for a while but he fell to the ground at the 5th km to the hydroelectric plant in ÖrenVillage.  The trekking guide Abdullah Yurtseven saw that Tamer Kurtman could not walk any longer and went for help leaving the technician Mustafa Başkaya at the canyon as well. Since the cellphones were disconnected at the area, the guide reached the plant after 3 hour walk and asked the gendarmerie to help.

Teams from Kemer Gendarmerie Command came to the area and located the place of the survey team. Yet, teams called AKUT Fethiye for help as the area was steep and sloping and Tamer Kurtman was unable to walk. AKUT (Search and Rescue Association) Fethiye Branch came to the area with 8 members at about 11.00 p.m. and started trekking after all the arrangements were completed. AKUT members took the guide with them and reached Kurtman and Başkaya after 4 hour walk at the canyon 400 m depth.

Kurtman who was exhausted underwent a health check and the team had difficulty in returning. It took a long time for team members to take Kurtman who had difficulty in standing up out of the canyon and teams hardly took him to the stretcher due to his over-weight. Kurtman had difficulty in standing up during 7 hour trip with the help of AKUT members and gendarmerie. Kurtman gave breaks frequently and passed the deep ditches and rocky areas only with help. Kurtman was taken to the 112 Emergency Service ambulance after all the endeavours.

The health teams treated Kurtman immediately and decided to take him to the hospital for control as he did not have a life-threatening situation.


Tamer Kurtman explained he had difficulty in standing up as a result of trekking beyond his strength and out of their programs and also had not taken his medication before the trip although he had medication for blood pressure. Kurtman said he could not carry on the trip due to hunger and dehydration and the guide Abdullah Yurtseven went for help leaving them behind. Kurtman added they spent the night at the valley, “I would like to thank AKUT Fethiye very much. I would not go out of the canyon if they did not help. I will state in my report that it will be more convenient to see the natural and spectacular beauties of the canyon by a cable car. Our people should definitely see this region. But the road is risky for trekking as it is rough.”


The trekking guide Abdullah Yurtseven explained after 10 km trekking Tamer Kurtman got sick when they came to Dut Ağacı Area and he carried on his way to bring help. Yurtseven added he came to the canyon back with AKUT members and was away from home for 24 hours.


AKUT Fethiye Team Leader Ersin Gür said, “We took Tamer Kurtman safe and sound after 11 hour operation. It was a long and challenging trip for us. After we had reached the survey team getting stuck in the valley, we started returning. Since the engineer had difficulty in walking, the return trip took a very long time. However, his health condition is fine. We are happy to have completed another operation successfully.”

Tamer Kurtman was sent to FethiyePublicHospital for health check later. FG)

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