AKUT (Search and Rescue Association) Rescues the Polish Couple

16th, 2012
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 Not being able to move in the rocks, they climbed to the Butterfly Valley, renown worldwide, the Polish couple were saved after an eight-hour-work of AKUT. Having come from Poland three days ago, twenty-five-year-old Jakup Wröblevski and twenty-three-year-old Juanna Mayenska wanted to climb the rocks in the Butterfly Valley. The couple that started to climb the steep rocks in the Hisar district of Faralya Village reached the region of waterfalls after a climb of 30 metres. Not taking the attention signboards that said climbing higher was dangerous into consideration, the couple climbed another 90 metres but could not go further. Although they wanted to return, they could not and were struck in the rocks as the rocks moved.
Ask for help on the phone
As the sunset approached, the couple panicked and asked for help from their friends first and then from the gendarme. The teams of Ölüdeniz Gendarme Headquarters started to operate after the information they got at about 07.00 and asked for help from AKUT.
Takes 8 hours to rescue them
After completing their preparations, the AKUT team came to the district of Hisar to rescue the tourists. First of all, the teams tired to determine the place of the couple and went for exploration in the district. After the exploration they did, they decided to go down with a rope from some two hundred metres high rocks to the place where the couple were found. The teams which took all kinds of precautions as the area was very steep and dangerous started to climb down from the station they set up. After they went down a hundred metres, one member of the team was able to reach Mayenska and Wröblevski and saw that it was safer to take the couple down from the rocks than taking them up. On the rocks the couple was stuck, another station was set up and works to get the couple down the rocks started. After an operation of eight hours, the tourists were able to be taken down to the Butterfly valley and sent to Belcekız Beach by a boat.
The tourists looked very tired and exhausted as they were waiting on the beach for the ambulance to come and examine them. Their health was in good condition. Mayenska and Wröblevski apologised for the troubles they had given to the gendarme and the AKUT teams. Juanna Mayenska who told that despite the signboards they thought they could climb higher and said that “after we reached a certain point it was impossible to go back. That’s why we continued to climb up and we were stuck. We asked for help as we did not have the chance to go back.”

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