Almost 2700 Waste Batteries Collected in 5 Months

17th, 2013
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The campaign for collecting waste batteries aimed at raising awareness on recycling and environmental cleaning of children and enabled to give gums to children in return for waste batteries with the waste battery collection machine which was put in the old municipality building attracted great attention.
Muğla Municipality Environmental Engineer Erdem Şenel said, “Almost 2700 batteries have been collected within the last 5 months with the machines put in the old municipality building. When it is considered that 1 small battery makes 4m3 soil unusable, the damages caused by batteries which have a potential to pollute the 10.800m3 soil have been prevented especially by our children. The machine gives the batteries that still can be used back and sets an example in saving to children.”
Environmental Engineer Erdem Şenel went on to explain that, “Atatürk Elementary School had come first at waste battery collecting contest in Muğla with the Association of Movable Battery Producers and Importers within 2011-2012 educational year and won a table-tennis table. The association has increased the awards for 2012-2013 educational year contest in Muğla and announced the school that will collect the most waste batteries per student will be given photocopier, sports equipments and chess sets as gifts. Our goal at schools within the borders of our Municipality that has collected 470 kg waste batteries within 2011-2012 educational year is to collect 700 kg within 2012-2013 educational year. There are 161 battery boxes at 95 points including our schools and we give waste battery boxes to offices, facilities and associations that demand this box to increase this number.”
Erdem Şenel said campaigns to raise awareness on recycling will carry on and added, “I appreciate our children, parents and teachers for their efforts and sensitivity.”FG)

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