Alpinists On Mendos

24th, 2012
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Zirve Mountaineering and Nature Sports Club Fethiye branch held Mendos Summit the weekend. The club is active in Fethiye for 8 months,  and increasing the number of members each day they make unforgettable time for nature lovers.

Even heavy snowfall could not stop those who have the heart to the mountaineering climbing. They might have not  reached the summit of Mount Mendos at weekend, however, they carried out a thousand 750 meter climb on the snow.

Zirve Mountaineering and Nature Sports Club Fethiye branch representative Aziz Şimşek provided information on Mendos Mount climbing and on the activities in Fethiye. “After our peak activities on Akdağlar Uyluktepe (3024 m), Atkuyruksallamaz (2879 m), Sandras (2300 m), Denizli Karcı (2300 m) and Çal  (2186 m) mounts, we have succesfully finalised our peak activity on Mendos. At 10:00 in the morning, we had to leave our vehicle at 1000 m. on the road to Babadağ just before Akbel turnoff due to heavy snow. We crossed Akbel and Nohut valleys with horses and reached  the peak of 1750 m at 14:00. We put the summit book on the summit stone, took photographs and got back. We are thankful to our team; Aziz Şimşek, Serdar Uyanık, Melih Bulut, Ayşen Bulut, Aysun Doğanay, Murat Balaban, Adem Özaltığ, Bahadır Cesur, Mensure Kömürcü and Fatih Koç who reached the peak.”

Activities of the club:

Zirve Mountaineering and Nature Sports Club Fethiye branch representative Aziz Şimşek provided information on their activities. He said: “We walked the 120 km. Lykian Way from Fethiye to Kalkan. We also had several trekkings on various routes around Fethiye. We started our canoeing activities at Ören Canyon. We arranged mount and cycling tours  between Fethiye – Kemer – Göcek – Üzümlü. We reached Kalkan with mount bikes on Lykian way and on alternative roads. We started the project of putting a summit book on high peaks of Muğla in 2011.

No body has done it before, we started this with the summits of Akdağlar Atkuyruksallamaz (2789 m) / Sandras (2300 m) / and Çal (2186 m). We left a summit book on the peak of Mendos on January 08, 2012. This is a mountaineering ritual. This is the reward of nature’s most difficult journey, climbing the summit . Climbers who reach the summit write their thoughts and feelings on this journal, and sign it. Then they climb back with photos and memories. Our 2012 project is to construct  Zirve Mountain Lodge on İkizgöl plateau of Akdağlar at a height of 2350 m… we have already started our preparations. We had official approvements from Karadere. We are thankful to Karadere mukhtar Yusuf Çetin, Naim Mete from Gavurağılı and to Mestan Yeşil of Saçıkaralı family.”

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