Ambulance to be Ready at Babadağ

7th, 2013
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ftso ambulans (3)After the fully equipped ambulance which was purchased by Güçbirliği Company of Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry was granted to the Ministry of Health, the ambulance will be kept ready during paragliding flights on Babadağ. An ambulance will be kept ready with a doctor and nurse during paragliding flights at C class health station to be opened on Babadağ. The news about the ambulance was welcomed by paragliding companies and pilots. The Chamber President Akif Arıcan made a statement about the ambulance: “Paragliding jumps have been increasing since we have taken over the administration of Babadağ. We will make it better with our service. We have started arrangements for possible emergencies on the top of Babadağ. We have negotiated with the Provincial and District Health Directorate. We are granting the fully-equipped ambulance to the Ministry of Health. The Ministry of Health will keep the ambulance ready with a doctor and nurse and C class health station to be opened on the top of Babadağ during paragliding flights. From this day on, the ambulance will be ready with the staff on Babadağ. We are doing everything we can in order to make Babadağ one of the most significant air sports centres of Europe. Our arrangements carry on for two runways to give service in cloudy weather winter months on 1200 and 850 m as well. The Forestry Administration Directorate carries on arrangements to open the road. After the alternative runways are completed, Babadağ will be available for 12 month flights. This project will be finalized in 2013 as well. I appreciate everyone supporting us. We wish all administrations will spend a good season without accidents.” The District Health Director Uğur Çomak thanked the Chamber President Akif Arıcan at this speech and said, “First of all, I would like to thank Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Chamber President and his staff for this project. Our negotiations started 1,5-2 months ago. We received demands concerning an ambulance to be kept waiting. We conveyed this to our Provincial director. He agreed and told us to start arrangements. Thanks to them, the ambulance was purchased in a short time and we have come to this point. We were waiting EKC documents so far. The document is ready and we will discuss the conditions and terms with a protocol to be made with our Provincial Director, the Deputy Governor and District Governor. This service is to be given from the start to finish of the flights at the first stage. We hope we won’t have any health problems.”  FG)

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