An Environmental Response to the Question of “Allocation in Tourism”

3rd, 2014
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“Yavuz Torunoğulları gives an environmental response to the question of Allocation in Tourism”
Fethiye Hotelliers Union President Yavuz Torunoğulları gives an environmental response to the question of land allocation in tourism which has been persistently and frequently asked. Fetob President Yavuz Torunoğulları said they reached the best corporate structure and gave a very different response than a chamber president who could normally say that they should have more touristic facilities in bays and forests of Fethiye: “We attract attention with our bays, forests and nature. I don’t agree with making new allocation investments on bays and I don’t think they will be useful.”
Fetob President attended the London fair with Tourism Infrastructure Union and shared his impressions and assessments with press members: “We represented our region as Fetab at the international tourism fair in London between November 4 and 7 with the supports of Fetab. I would like to thank our administrative board members Erdinç Sidekli, his brother Erol Sidekli and Soner Deveci for representing our Fethiye. I have been there during the fair as well and we have carried out our planned meetings. I have talked to the authorities and directors of Thomas Cook, TUI, Jet-Tour Holidays and Travel Public. They have shown an unexpected approach to our region. They said that there was 0.05%-0.07% rate growth in our region and country. This is the first time that I have seen such an accurate statement. It is a very good progress both for our country and our region.
“We Will Reach the Growth in the English Market with Double-Digit Numbers”
Torunoğulları went on to explain: “Muğla and our region are very significant for our British guests especially with 60 % capacity and Dalaman Airport. This growth should indicate that we may reach double digit numbers. Unless we encounter an unexpected situation in the beginning of the season, we will have reached the double digit numbers in the English market. English market is very important because it is the first fair of 2014 so it is important for us as well. It is a vital fair for us to do our plans and programs for 2014. There is the same growth for the English market in Greece and Spain that we see as our competitors. Turkey keeps on growing in the English market so do Spain and Greece, besides, this growth has been maintained since the previous year. Two things come at this point. Turkey continues its growth despite everything, however we should analyse where this consumer comes from very well. We should maintain this growth after analysing it. The main reason of this growth is the incident in the Eastern Mediterranean countries and distrust. Other than that, I think there are other reasons as well. As a sector, particularly the Ministry should analyse it.”
“We Have Completed the Season Very Well Which We Think We Were Almost Losing”
Torunoğulları maintained, “One of the reasons of this growth is that they follow the new investments near Fethiye very closely. They show an enthusiasm to new and qualified investments. This kind of new facilities and investments emphasize all kinds of collaborations. As the union we are ready to give all kinds of support for this matter. There is an excess supply in Antalya and 20 thousand bed capacity is added up every year. The seasonal situation of Bodrum is obvious; domestic tourists dominate it. Consequently they focus on our region. We should carry out more progress about it.” Torunoğulları answered the questions of the press members and said, “2013 season has gone very well. Apart from the first 2 weeks of July, both the reaction of the Gezi incidents and having the holy Ramadan in the same month did not enable us to pull ourselves together. But the occupancy season started after this period. We have completed the season very well although we thought we were almost losing it. The interest of Russians that we had seen in the fair has been increasing. The numbers are very dramatic. We should focus more on Russian market in the national level and Fethiye. 2-3 years later, Russian market will be number one for our region and Turkey. We should analyse our competitors well and find out why they prefer those places.”

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