Another Accident on the Same Day at Butterfly Valley

17th, 2015
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kelebekler-vadisinde-ayni-gun-ikinci-kaza-7572979_x_o8 got lost and 6 fell and injured in Butterfly Valley which is famous for more than 80 types of butterflies, peaceful waterfalls and natural beauties in the last 3 months. The last incident in the world famous valley was the fall and injury of 2 tourists walking to the waterfalls with unsuitable shoes in the same area.

Cevat Balaban came to Butterfly Valley surrounded with steeps and walls reaching 350 m high and went hiking from the pathway to the waterfalls with slippers. It is reported that Cevat Balaban had come to Butterfly Valley a few days ago and taken photos on the road to the waterfalls. When he fell down because of his slippers, his foot was broken and started bleeding. 112 Emergency ambulance, Ölüdeniz Gendarmerie Police Station and Fethiye UMKE team were called for help. UMKE and paramedics used a speed boat provided by Ölüdeniz Gendarmerie Command to come to the Butterfly Valley. The squad had to walk for 3 km here and gave him the first medical response by the waterfall. Cevat Balaban was taken off on a stretcher and carried to the beach of Butterfly Valley., Cevat Balaban was brought to Ölüdeniz Kumburnu Natural Park by a boat. He was welcomed by 112 emergency service and paramedics on motorbike here and taken to Fethiye Private Letoon Hospital with the ambulance. Victim of the accident has fractures on his foot and his condition is not critical, it is reported.



Onur Saylan went on trekking to the waterfall in Butterfly Valley and started climbing to the waterfall situated in a fantastic nature. He slipped on the same spot while he was coming near the waterfall and fell from about 20 m high. Those who saw his fall came for help immediately. Onur Saylan had fractures on his arms and feet so UMKE and 112 Emergency Service paramedics were called. UMKE and paramedics came to the area by a boat and walked about 2 km to reach the victim of the accident. After the first medical treatment, Onur Saylan was taken off on a stretcher and brought to the beach of Butterfly Valley. After Onur Saylan was taken to the boat, he was brought to Ölüdeniz Kumburnu Natural Park. He was welcomed by 112 emergency service and paramedics on motorbike here and taken to Fethiye State Hospital by an ambulance. It is reported that Onur Saylan broke his left arm and right foot and his condition was not critical.

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