Applauds and Rain Accompany Mustafa

26th, 2013
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Mustafa Selçukoğlu, the singer of Fethiye Municipality Cultural Centre, met his fans at the Buffalo Restaurant for the night “The Sound and Starter of Raki” accompanied by applauds and rain. As one of the favourite local singers of Fethiye, Mustafa Selçukoğlu attracted great enthusiasm at the concert and the audience accompanied him as if they are the members of his choir at Uğur Mumcu Park. More than 200 invitees attended the concert and they consumed several alcoholic drinks as well. Selçukoğlu performed many songs from different genres with a wide repertoire and did not forget to sing the song requested by the invitees either. Paul Lebbink, the owner of the Buffalo Restaurant, said, “As a restaurant, we are very happy that you have been with us at this beautiful night named ‘The Sound and Starter of Raki’.” Selçukoğlu sang songs other than his own repertoire as well and the audience accompanied him dancing while he was singing the popular folk song ‘Ankara’nın Bağları’. The young talent rock singer Mario 2 also performed a little concert with 2 songs at the special night as well and made rock fans happy. Mustafa Selçukoğlu started performing livelier songs to the end of the program and kept on performing without showing any signs of exhaustion and with high performance although the concert nearly took 4 hours. The audience wished such nights would be reorganized frequently and as music  lusiovers in Fethiye they would meet thanks to these nights and also thanked the restaurant owner Paul Lebbink for organizing such an elegant program. (FG)

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