Arab Enthusiasm to Jeep Safari Tours in Marmaris

5th, 2015
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Jeep safari firms in Marmaris that got their share from the decline in tourism returned to their active days thanks to Arab tourists.

Tourists coming from Lebanon, Iran, Iraq and Jordan made the sector happy. Jeep safari firms in Marmaris that got their share from the decline in tourism returned to their active days thanks to Arab tourists. Jeep safari tours, passing through dusty, stony, muddy mountain paths and shallow areas of rivers, introducing spectacular natural beauties of Marmaris and showing villages nearby, returned their active days thanks to Arab tourists. Tourists from Arab countries including Lebanon, Iran, Iraq and Jordan who spend their holiday in city centres do not forget to show their enthusiasm to safari tours.



Safari tours are formed with groups of 4 and 10 and each firm has its own track. Tours start with the prices between 25 and 30 Euros at 10.00 a.m. and usually pass through dirt roads. Tourists get tired of water wars taking place inside the vehicle and relax with lunch including chicken, pasta, cracked wheat rice and salad. They enjoy the tour between Kızkumu Beach and Turgut Waterfalls. Tours end at 05.00 p.m.



Ertuğrul Kaplan, 41 year old director of April Tour that has been organizing jeep safari tours for 27 years is called “Rambo” and states tourism falls by 40 %: “7 big firms do this business apart from a couple of small firms in Marmaris. There are a thousand seats in safaris in a day. Tours start in April and continue to October 15. However, July and August is the full season. Our company goes on tours in three groups every day. Arab countries show significant interest to safari tours than previous years. For example, we are taking 130 Arab tourists from Lebanon, Iran, Iraq and Jordan today. We organize special tours for Arab groups including 100 tourists almost every day. Our actual tourist profile is the British. We have also customers from Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium and Norway. Turkish customers remain between 8-9 per cent. Fewer Turkish tourists prefer jeep safari tours because of the economic situation. How can they come for holiday when they have such small salary? This is an important fact.”



Kaplan says terrorist attacks in Turkey have a wide coverage in rival countries and this affects national tourism badly: “On the day 34 British people died in Tunisia, TUI, Tan Tour and Thomas Cook had brought 6500 people to Dalaman Airport. Why did not they report more about that bombing incident on press? On the other hand, there has been almost no terrorism against tourists in Turkey and yet, our rival countries including Spain and Greece report exaggerated news and say ‘Do not go to Turkey. There is terrorism there.’ Tourists visiting our region tell us about it. Those countries do not have these beauties. A bomb had exploded in London Airport 20 days ago. Why did not they report it as news? Terrorism can happen anywhere in the world. These propagandas against Turkey cause decline in tourism.”


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