Association Helps Storks

24th, 2013
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1 (2)Storks nesting on the mosque at Fethiye – Esenköy Gökalan for nearly 10 years could not make a nest this time. Karaçulha Cultural Association President Emin Kızıl and Karaçulha Fire Department helped the two storks who had been trying to make a nest for 3-4 days. When the materials carried to the top of the mosque for the storks kept flying and falling around, citizens reported this to the association and the municipality. The nest which was made from a fruit case by Karaçulha Cultural Association President Emin Kızıl was put at the top of the mosque. Storks will fly their nestlings from here. Association President Emin Kızıl said they were happy to help storks and explained, “Changing natural conditions affect the lives of animals badly. We discussed a demand we received as the Municipality. Our Mayor Yusuf Çaylı assigned the fire department staff and we put the nest there.” FG)

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