21st, 2014
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yangın_1600x884_1280x707The authorities of Fethiye Forestry Administration Directorate warned people against the risk of fires due to the increasing air temperatures in Fethiye and asked citizens to be more careful and show awareness for this issue. Fire Squad stays on alert against the possibility of a forest fire for 24 hours.

Since the risky season for forest fires has started in Fethiye, the authorities asked people to be more careful and take necessary precautions to prevent fires.

Forest fires have increased these days in Fethiye with the increasing air temperature. The authorities of Forestry Administration Directorate warned citizens to show awareness to forest fires and take precautions for the situations that cause risks for fires. The authorities state, “The most of the forest areas is in Fethiye within the borders of Muğla, therefore the fire risk increases and citizens should be more careful and take precautions. We want you to call 177 for free whenever you see even a smallest smoke in the forests so that the fire squad could arrive in the area as soon as possible to prevent fires to spread and take them under control.”


Mustafa Kara, Muğla Forestry Regional Director, explained that there were 58 observation towers in Muğla and Aydın Provinces, the areas of responsibility of the Directorate. Kara said 15 of these observation towers had camera surveillance systems and stated, “The General Directorate of Forestry, Bilkent University and TUBITAK have made a cooperation to found this observation system. The observation system with cameras rotates 369 degrees, detects the smallest smoke in an area of 10 kilometres and sends alarms to the other units tracking and following the fires.” The reconnaissance helicopter allocated to Muğla Forestry Regional Director by The General Directorate of Forestry uses technology and image transfer. The director Kara said this system enabled to transfer data live to Ankara and Muğla simultaneously. Kara pointed out, “The camera system in our reconnaissance helicopter is to transfer data and images to the General Directorate, Ankara and the vehicle deployed in our region regularly. We will have a chance to see the progress, expansion and risky areas of the forest requiring precautions from the air and land.” Kara stated that the fire squad working in the area on risky days would be sent to risky areas regularly and added, “We are always in contact with meteorology. We are going to take early precautions sending our squad to risky areas considering the humidity, temperature and wind. Our fire brigades are to be on duty to respond to any possible forest fire in the risky areas regularly. The fires mostly break out in July and August. Our squads will be on alert for 7 days and 24 hours in these months.”


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