Babadağ to be the Centre of Air Sports

7th, 2013
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IMG_5769 dkThe project has been seen undoable for years and always considered just a dream. There was almost no one to believe that the cable car project is to be carried out until the company founded in 2 days to get the tender of Babadağ by Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry has applied the tender. The cable car project which remained as an impossible dream for years finally starts with the initiatives of Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the presidency of Akif Arıcan.

The countdown has begun at the cable car project. The cable car which is to be let out at the second half of 2013 is expected to be ready for service at the end of the next year. The attraction will increase on Babadağ for paragliding jumpers when the cable car project is completed and paragliding will be available for 12 months. The cable car will revive winter months as well as summer months on Babadağ. Not only paragliding parachuters, but also holiday-makers who would like to see Ölüdeniz in winter will come to our region thanks to the cable car. The winter months which are seen as dull season will be revived economically with this project.

Due to the disagreement between the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning and the Ministry of Forestry, there has been a delay at Babadağ Cable Car project and arrangements to finalize the project carry on. The cable car project is to reach the bidding process in nearly 1,5 and 2 months. Most of the official permissions have been taken for the cable car project and it is to be let out until the end of the year. The cable car to carry passengers from Ovacık to Babadağ is to start serving in a year after the tender. The transportation problem causing the paragliding flights not to be carried out in winter will be solved this way. So those who would like to fly with paragliding in winter or watch the view will be able to go to the top of Babadağ easily with the cable car.

Two runways at 1200 and 850 meters whose protocols have been made and arrangements have been started will enable the paragliding flights even in cloudy weather in summer and winter months as well. Arrangements have started to complete the runways which are to enable flights in cloudy weather and winter. Güçbirliği Company and the Directorate of Forestry Administration have signed a protocol to open both runways and official permissions have been completed so the project has been started officially. The aim to open both runways is that the opening of the training runways is to draw club and school sportsmen at 300 and 600 m on Babadağ.

The Chamber President Akif Arıcan stated they worked very hard to carry out the cable car project as the Chamber Board and employees and said, “We have been doing everything and taking all the responsibility to carry out the cable car project. We have founded a company to get the Babadağ tender in order to make the income gained in our region return as investments to our region and prevent the problems caused by the administrators in Babadağ before. Now it is time to carry out the cable car project which has been seen impossible for years and we have started our arrangements. This project is to bring diversity in regional tourism and extend tourism from 4-5 months to 8-10 months in Fethiye. Besides, runways at 1200 and 850 m are to enable 12 month flight. When the designated itinerary is opened, a safe and aesthetic flight area will be opened. These runways are important because they will enable flights at cloudy weather and winter months as well. After the completion of these runways, our goal is to open training runways at 300 and 600 m. Babadağ will also be the centre of paragliding training when these runways are opened. So paragliding will revive the dull season for schools and clubs and they will come to our region to fly even in winter. Our goal is to make Babadağ an international brand for air sports, mountain sports, nature trekking, botanic and zoology hobbies giving international service quality.”

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