Baby-friendly doctors of Esenköy

11th, 2012
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Family Medicine Implementation which started by the end of 2010 in Muğla is being carried with success. Baby-friendly Family Medicine Center project initiated by Dr. Özay Koyuncu, Dr. Çiğdem Arıca and Dr. Muharrem Yenisolak has achieved its goal. Preparing several studies, three doctors have succeeded in telling the importance of breast milk, The doctors were handed “Baby-friendly Doctor” certificates by Provincial Health Directorate of the Ministry of Health. Esenköy citizens said that their doctor did not need those certificates; “We already know they are baby-friendly, peasant-friendly. They deserve all certificates. We love them a lot.” Dr. Özay Koyuncu said “Our goal was to tell the importance of breast milk and we are so happy to have made it.” The doctors prepared several pamphlets and leaflets to explain the importance of breast milk. The pamphlets presented arguments such as “Breast milk and the creamy yellow first milk after birth protects the infant against disease, it is the first vaccine of the newborn.” “Breastmilk is the best food that can provide all the nutrients that babies need for the first 6 months. After 6 months, breastfeeding should continue to 2 years with additional nutrients.” Another slogan is as follows: “A dog should breastfeed a pup, a donkey should breastfeed a foal, a sheep should breastfeed a lamb and a mother should breastfeed a baby.”

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