Ban on displaying cigarettes

3rd, 2011
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As part of a nationwide effort to discourage smoking, Turkey has implement a cigarette display ban, and cigarettes will not be sold openly on shelves. In Fethiye, as in the rest of the country, retailers are selling cigarettes in custom made cabinets out of sight. Some of the retailers have just moved their stands to invisible areas of their shops if they have available space. According to news, those who violate the ban will be fined.

The new regulation was brought into effect by July 7. Due to this regulation, tobacco products are to be sold at a separate sectionof the shop that does not appear from the outside and out of directly reach of persons under 18.  Merchants and shopkeepers will no longer be able to sell cigarettes without making sure that anyone is older than 18 years, in case of dubitation identification will be asked. Placing tobacco products at sections directed at children or young adults, such as children’s magazines, books and publications, children’s clothing, stationery, toys, chips, chocolate, confectionery  is also prohibited.

Locations and methods for the sale of tobacco are also be subjected to re-set by the regulation issued by the Tobacco and Alcohol Market Regulatory Authority.  Accordingly, the sale of tobacco products is not possible at health, education and training centers, culture and sport services. In addition, the sale and delivery of tobacco products will not be fulfilled through mail and other delivery services.

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