Beach Full of Garbage Dumps Cleaned with Construction Equipment

15th, 2015
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Çöp Yığınları Dolan Koy, İş Makinesiyle TemizlendiBoncuklu Beach, free beach at a distance of 4 km to city centre, was full of garbage dumps. Holiday-makers tried to swim despite the terrible smell and once paradise beach was cleaned with construction equipment and diggers.

Boncuklu Bay was swarmed with holiday-makers and citizens with the beginning of summer. Hundreds of people go to this beach to have picnic and swim especially at the weekends and it turned into garbage in a short time again although environmentalists had cleaned the area in the beginning of the season. People having picnic on the bay do not take their garbage and throw them to 2 different areas, which caused the bay to fill with garbage dumps. Tons of domestic wastes were collected on the bay which looked like garbage area and bad smells spread from dumps. Since it is out of the borders of the Municipality, Muğla Metropolitan and Fethiye Councils could not organize cleaning activity on the bay where holiday-makers kept on swimming despite garbage dumps.


Cleaning Was Possible Only By Construction Equipment

When the situation was reported, Fethiye Forestry Department staff started cleaning activity on the bay. 50 forestry workers arriving in the bay collected the garbage thrown in the environment in plastic bags. Then a digger collected the dumps in a truck. Garbage full of 1 truck was collected from the bay.


‘I Wanted to Hide my Face in Shame’

Orhan Beyler explained he came from Ankara to Fethiye for holiday and wanted to hide his face in shame when he saw the dumps on the beach. He said everywhere was full of garbage on the bay: “Should we be ashamed of the ignorant turning this place into garbage or should we be ashamed of indifferent local administrations whose duty is to clean this place? I could not enjoy the sea. I am so upset. A person does not harm even his enemy’s land like this. There are trees here, there is water, there is life. Our people may have been ignorant and done wrong, however municipalities should clean this place.”

Beyler also added entrance fee was requested from all the bays in this environment: “All bays have been rented out. Wherever you go, you have to pay 15-20 TL. I came from Ankara spending a lot of money. Will I also pay money to swim? Free beaches have problems as well. Then they say ‘People pollute this area so we will put this on rent.’ It is an excuse to make partisans earn more money.”


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