Bicycle Activity for a Healthy Life

21st, 2014
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A “Bicycle event” was organized by Community Health Care Centre in Seydikemer District. Many citizens and Community Health Centre took part in the event carried out for Healthy Life and Activity Year. Mustafa Soku, the reporter of Fethiye Post, followed the event closely and the organization attracted great attention. According to the information given related to the event: “2014 was announced as the year of “Healthy Life and Activity” by the Ministry of Health. The events are to be carried out to raise awareness on health and draw the attention to the healthy lives of individuals at least once a month. We would like to invite all our citizens to these events of bicycle activity and walking in order to live healthily. We have gathered here for the events of healthy life and activity year organized by our Community Health Care Centre and Public Health Directorate. We are walking to say hello to a healthy and good life together.” Bicycle activity was carried out from Seydikemer Cumhuriyet Square on Ceylan Road and Kocaçam Area.


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