Blackburn Mum Loses Legal Battle

2nd, 2011
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Father wins the custody battle between UK mom Anisa Khansia and Turkish father Mehmet Baki Sakaroğlu. 27-year-old Mehmet Baki Sakaroğlu was working at a touristic Marmaris restaurant when he met and married English woman Anisa Khansia 3 years ago.

The couple who married in Turkey broke down after a period of time. Learning that she was pregnant, Khansia made up with Sakaroğlu. The couple living together for a while were split up again and the mother wanted to take her child back to her country. Engaged in research to find his son, Sakaroğlu went to court and the Turkish authorities prevented Khansia from leaving the country until the matter is settled in court. Sakaroğlu took his son back from his UK wife. Khansia claimed that her husband tried to snatch her child and went to the International Criminal Court for his son Amani. The case proceeded to trial at Marmaris Hall of Justice and the court has granted Baki Sakaroğlu the custody of his son.

As he left the court, Sakaroğlu said “My ex wife did not come to court. This is also the proof of who wants the child more. There is already a preliminary injunction to prevent the child leave the country. I was given the custody of the child until the end of this court. It is evident how true her statements were in British newspapers and magazines. She did not even bother to come to court. If she had really wanted her  son, she would have come to court to death. Now they litigate their claims through ICC in The Hague and we will be there on November 1. The case will be proceeded by Turkish judges in Turkey, however, they will decide according to the rules of international law. We have all the files and evidence. The other party’s lawyer claimed that we would snatch the child to Syria. The court will take approximately 10 months. She can come and see her son on weekends until the end of the court. She tries to show me as a monster, a thief and a gigolo but our evidence shows that this is not so. I am here to save my child’s future. We trust the Turkish courts and the justice system.”

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