Bloody Ambush: Shepherd Couple Buried Side by Side

4th, 2016
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The shepherd couple who was murdered by a bloody ambush in a forest in Fethiye was buried side by side.

A shepherd couple was ambushed while they were going to check their goats by their motorbike. The dead bodies of the couple were found by a champion motorcyclist, who was training in the area by coincidence.

It is reported that Cahit Paslı (44) and Hatice Paslı (38), who lived in Bozyer Neighbourhood in Fethiye District, went to check their goats by their motorbikes without a license plate number in the morning hours.

Unidentified persons ambushed the shepherd couple in the forest area of Alışlıbaşı Area, it is reported. Cahit Paslı was shot on his chest while Hatice Paslı, his wife, was shot on his back by a shotgun and lost their lives in the area.



Serkan Özdemir, Turkey Enduro Champion who was training on the forest road of Mount Mendos at about 11.00 a.m., and Justin Leonard, his friend from America, noticed two people lying next to a motorcycle without a license plate number by the roadside. Özdemir and his American friend assumed that the couple had a traffic accident and stopped their motorcycles to help. Seeing the couple lying in blood, they called Fethiye District Gendarmerie Command. UMKE and 112 Emergency Service were sent to the area and found out that the shepherd couple had lost their lives. The gendarmerie found an empty bullet casing in the area.

Cahit Paslı (44) and Hatice Paslı (38), parents of 2 children, were killed by a shotgun. The couple was buried in Bozyer Neighbourhood Cemetery side by side after funeral prays.

The family members, friends and neighbours attended the funeral ceremony, which was very crowded. Tolga Paslı (18), the couple’s son, and other family members were terribly upset by the sudden death of the shepherd couple.



After the couple was buried, it was announced that money would be raised for 2 children who are left orphans. Bozyer Village Mukhtar Bayram Kaşlı and Gökben Village Mukhtar Mehmet Ali Güzel collected some money for Tolga Paslı (18) and Ayşegül Paslı (11), children of the victims, in the funeral. Many people attending the funeral tried to show their support by donating money for 2 children.

Mukhtar Bayram Kaşlı said they were deeply upset and hoped the killer would be found as soon as possible: “2 children are orphans now. Their condition is not good. We are trying to help them as best as we can.”

Mukhtar Mehmet Ali Güzel said, “This is a good example of unity and solidarity. They need support. Neighbours tried to support them in the best way.”

Şuayip Paslı, brother of the victim Cahit Paslı, said “We hope whoever killed them would be found and brought to justice. We want them to be imposed the heaviest punishment.”


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