Bodrum Will Host Elderly Tourists

21st, 2012
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Bodrum Herodutus 3rd Age Academy, the first Third Age organisation in Turkey.  aims to attract more tourists to Bodrum.

The president of the academy Selçuk Şahin said that Third Age organisations were started in 1972 in France and spread worldwide.  “Taking part is a great way to broaden your horizons and your circle of friends.  Our members come from many countries like Finland, Germany, Sweden and UK. H3A is a self-help learning co-operative which helps people to get together to establish a wide range of groups linked to their interests.  Our groups are led by volunteers who want to share their particular knowledge, skills, experience or interest with others.  The concept is shared learning.  Meeting formats vary according to the subject and include visits and longer trips.”


Selçuk Şahin, president of Herodutus 3rd Age Academy said “Many are retired and have a flexible time. Most of them have financial freedom. Some of them have chronic and recurrent disease, therefore, for those who would stay be a long time health facilities are necessary. Many of them are looking for future full-time care facilities they can use. They have special hobbies and leisure preferences. Today’s 3rd  age are more active than previous generations. We have long and hot summer, mild winter climate. The sun shines throughout the year, the weather is clean and you can swim even in winter time. Bodrum is an elder-friendly city with healthy Mediterranean cuisine, rich history and cultural heritage. Most important of all, the local culture in Bodrum which is tolerant to foreign guests with hospitality and this will have a positive effect on the success of this project. English is widely spoken in Bodrum, and other European languages are also familiar. There is a safe environment and Bodrum is a world-renowned destination. Therefore, this project will contribute to 12-month tourism in Bodrum.”

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