BOYTAV Assesses Tourism Season in 2015

4th, 2015
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BOYTAV President Kocadon said promotions should be made for our mutual interest rather than personal interest for sustainable tourism and making Bodrum an international brand.

Mehmet Kocadon, President of Bodrum Promotional Association (BOYTAV), indicated that promotions should be made for our mutual interest rather than personal interest for sustainable tourism and making Bodrum an international brand.

A tourism assessment meeting for 2015 was held at Ramada Resort Hotel by BOYTAV. Bodrum Mayor and Association President Mehmet Kocadon, Mahmut Kocadon, the President of Bodrum Chamber of Commerce, Halil Özyurt, President of Bodrum Hoteliers Union (BODER), Serhan Karahatay, Marketing Manager of TAV Airports, association members and representatives of international tourism agencies attended the meeting.

While touristic activities of 2015 were assessed, a presentation related to the projects of 2016 was organized by BOTAV at the meeting. The slide suggests the unique climate, geographical conditions and cultural values of Bodrum are significant for tourism in Turkey and evaluates the statistics of tourism season in 2015.

TAV Airports Marketing Manager Serkan Karahatay mentioned the reasons of tourist loss in the international arena in 2015 and gave information regarding the solutions in short, medium and long term tourism season. Karahatay suggested a Committee for Development of Tourism could be formed with the cooperation of Bodrum Council, BODTO, BODER, BOTAV and TAV for 2016 and beyond. Sundance Hotel General Manager Yusuf Günaydın, TUI UK Turkey Contract Manager Karen Hollier and FTI Group Turkey and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Director Hicabi Ayhan also made a speech at the meeting.



Mehmet Kocadon, Bodrum Mayor and BOYTAV Executive Board President, assessed the season, “This group here does the best effort and struggles for tourism. The current situation of Turkey and the relationship with our neighbour countries are important factors and no one prefers spending holiday in a place where they do not feel safe. We need to work on this image first. I hope the foreign policies of the new government and internal affairs would bring peace, unity and solidarity to our country. We have a lot of friends who are tour operators, hotel owners, investors and constructors here. If we would like to carry out sustainable tourism and make Bodrum an international brand, our promotions should be better. We encourage tourism in Marmaris and Fethiye as Bodrum here. Our promotional activities continue for tourism with three districts. We will have to face a mutual financial situation, which is the cost of promotion. Promotions could be made on social media or on TVs, on brochures, leaflets, catalogues and magazines. If we tell them about Bodrum as best as we can, they will see there is no change in the life quality in Bodrum and they can have a peaceful and safe holiday here. Only then we can stop the crisis because we see the promotions we made for ourselves have not brought any progress. Unless TAV believed and had a faith in Bodrum today, no one would invest big monies to this airport. So will we leave TAV alone now? They bought this airport trusting all of us; they believed in us, they believed in local administration, civil society organizations, hoteliers and construction sector and they took over this airport. I spoke to Mr.Serkan personally. Frankly speaking, he has not slept in his own house for the last 6 months so that he would make one more plane land in Bodrum. If we have such a power, we should support this power in Bodrum.”



Bodrum Mayor Mehmet Kocadon called upon tourism businessmen, “I am asking my friends, ‘How is the situation in their hotels?’ They say they are in 100 % full capacity but it was July 15 when they said it. I am asking now and they say, ‘Mr.Mayor, we have closed our hotel, no one comes here.’ In Germany, people swim in this weather. If we tell the people in Germany that the weather is 26C, they will not believe us. People believe what they see my friends. We cannot make them believe if we do not bring them here. If we show them the beauty and peace of Bodrum, only then they can believe us. Since April, we are ready to host several tour operators, agencies, journalists and sale managers in Bodrum as Bodrum Municipality and BOYTAV. I always support you and I am proud of it because you are the real tourism lovers. It is great that you are here with me today. I would like to thank all of you and I appreciate you.”


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