Brıts Are Uneasy About 2012

10th, 2012
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A study in United Kingdom market revealed that people who plan to travel are uneasy about 2012 because of the economic crisis. 32% of the holidaymakers placed holiday in top 3 among cutbacks to-do list.

According to the results of the survey conducted by TNS, in case of a deeper crisis, 20% British holidaymakers placed holiday at top among cutbacks to-do-list. 10% of holidaymakers placed holiday 2nd among cutbacks to-do-list, and 11% of them said holiday is on their 3rd cutbacks to-do list.

37% of Brits are ready to give up outdoor evening activities, meals and entertainment. It was found out that overseas holidays took first place with 18% in cutbacks due to crisis list. This one is falling to a more level equivalent to the rate of clothing, shoes and more dining out activities.  On the other hand, The adults on holiday abroad in 2011 announced they would cut by 19% in 2012. Other cuts are dining out by 16% and clothing by 15%. 36% of adults said cutback in holiday is in top 3. 35-54 years took first place with 37% in the group to reduce spending for holidays. 35-44 years group followed them with 39%. 23% of 35-44 and 20% of 45-54 age group announced holiday is the top item to cutback. Cutbacks also differed according to income groups. According to this, 38% of middle and upper group and % 33 of low-income and white-collar sector said they would cutback travel expenses.On the other hand, 36% of families with children said they would cutback travel expenses while this figure is 30% in families without children.

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