Brits leave turkey satisfied

3rd, 2011
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Foreign Office Consular Services Director Charles Hay said “The vast majority of British tourists are leaving Turkey without any problems.”

FCO Consular Services Director Charles Hay has visited Marmaris, Muğla. During his visits, he came together with the journalists and answered questions on the agenda.

Hay indicated that Turkey was one of the first countries he chose to visit due to the excess number of British tourists visiting the country. “In particular, a vast number of British tourists are coming to Marmaris. This is a very popular area for the Brits. During my courtesy visits we held talks with the officials, and we exchanged views on problems and concerns here.”

Hay pointed out that over one million visitors come to Marmaris each year, “The vast majority of British tourists are leaving Turkey without any problems, but unfortunately, when you work with the consulate you do not encounter those happy ones. Inevitably in this crowd, some encounter problems. It is very important for me to speak with people dealing with these problems.”

Charles Hay remarked that some places are not very ideal locations to go on holiday, and some people are deeply impressed with what they lived.

In regards with the question about the report prepared by FCO investigating crimes committed abroad against UK citizens, Hay said “For us, this is a serious report. It is not possible to precisely measure the impact on people with such a report. It was a comparative report investigating the distribution of some events according to countries. It is wrong to generalize and stigmatize that country. Spain is at the top of the list, however,  this is proportional to the number of people who go there.  The more number of tourists, the more is the rate. Unfortunately, Turkey is at the top of the list in sexual assaults. We have to solve this problem. We have to sit down and talk about what we can do.”

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