Brothers looking for their goats Fall from Rocks: 1 Dead, 1 Injured

25th, 2016
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One of the two brothers, who fell from rocks while they were looking for their lost goats in Seydikemer, died; the other brother was injured.

The incident happened on 1650 m high. The squad could reach the brothers in an operation lasting for hours.

The incident happened on Eren Hill in Çatak Quarter in Seydikemer. It is reported that Mehmet Çaylak, 60, went to the woods to look for their lost goats with his brother Bayram Çaylak, 55, and nephew Hakan Çaylak, 24. Mehmet Çaylak reached the 1650 m high with the hope to see the goats but he lost his balance and fell down. He hit Bayram Çaylak, his brother, while he was falling down and both of them started falling from the rocks together.



Mehmet Çaylak fell 400 m down and lost his life. The other brother, Bayram Çaylak, stumbled and managed to grab a rock after he fell 80 m down. He got injured.

Hakan Çaylak, who saw his brother and uncle fall from rocks, called for help. The squads of AFAD and UMKE tried to rescue Bayram Çaylak and called AKUT when the rain started and caused the rescue operation to be more challenging. Çaylak got stuck between the rocks 20 m down the top while he was dragged by a rope; then AKUT squad came down and dragged him. The injured was rescued in an operation of 2 hours. They tried to warm him up with fire so that he would not be affected by cold weather badly.

Hakan Çaylak was worried while he was watching the rescue operation of his father: “My uncle fell on my father. They both started being dragged. My father grabbed the rocks. I could not see what happened to my uncle. I am waiting for my father.”



Bayram Çaylak was exhausted when he was brought to the top. He asked his brother first. He was upset when he found out that his brother died. Çaylak explained, “My brother got stuck in a tree and fell. He hit me while he was falling. My feet got stuck in a stone as I was falling. If I did not get stuck in that stone, I would be dead now, too.”

Bayram Çaylak was carried to the ambulance by a stretcher for 2,5 hours by the squad. He was taken to Fethiye State Hospital for treatment. The body of Mehmet Çaylak that was in a location to be found easily was taken in 1 hour and sent to Muğla Forensic Institution for the autopsy. Mehmet Çaylak, who died in the accident, was father of 3 children and had retired 6 months ago. Bayram Çaylak is a bus service driver.


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