Businessmen of Tourism Sector Give Russians Up and Tend to China

15th, 2015
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Businessmen of tourism sector in Fethiye are distressed for the crisis which has started after the downing of Russian warplane.

Businessmen of tourism sector in Fethiye are distressed for the downing of Russian warplane. Tourism businessmen have a loss of 25 % in 2015 and lost hopes from Russian market in 2016. Tourism sector has started to turn towards Chinese market.

Putin warned his citizens not to come to Turkey and Russian authorities also told tour operators not to organize tours to Turkey and called Russian citizens visiting Turkey themselves to return as soon as possible, tourism sector. On the other hand, Russia is the second biggest tourism market of Turkey after Germany.

Yavuz Torunoğulları, President of Fethiye Hoteliers Union (FETOB) and Turkey Hoteliers Federation (TUROFED), stated that they would not risk losing Russian market. Torunoğulları said problems should be resolved with dialogue and settlement and drew the attention to the agricultural and touristic partnership between Russia and Turkey. Torunoğulları said Turkish tourism sector was distressed that Sergei Lavrov, Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, warned Russian people not to visit Turkey.



FETOB President noted Russian market had 25 % loss in 2015 and the reason was that Russian rouble collapsed and lost value. Downing of Russian warplane almost stopped our business with Russian market as well, said Yavuz Torunoğulları and added, “It is probably a disaster for places including Kemer in Antalya and some hotels may even be closed. For these reasons, we would like to call both our government and Russia to reach a settlement. Russia is our ally in many ways and we are neighbours. We have significant trade relationships.”



Torunoğulları indicated that investments to China should be increased; rather than depending too much on Russian market, we should find new markets. Torunoğulları stated the arrangements of GEKA and mayors for the Far East were right: “Projects should definitely be considered for Chinese market. Fairs and promotions being planned for Russia will not bring any developments. The crisis with Russia is at the highest level. They say operations must be stopped. Operations should be stopped in the first place and only then improvements will come. However, renting out a stand in a Russian fair or making arrangements for Russian market will not bring any more developments under these circumstances. We will not give up on Russia, either. If we cannot go to a fair there, we have to keep our relationship with Russia and promote our country in other ways.”


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