Camel Safari on the Beach

12th, 2012
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One of the most famous Tourism centres of the world, the Çalış Beach, is accommodating the domestic and foreign tourists with the alternative choices of the tourism as well as water sports, its beach and natural beauties…
Hüseyin Özkaya organizes camel safari tours with his camel Yırtık on the Koca Çalış Beach. Özkaya who told that especially the young and children are very interested in the camel, stated that he had been organizing tours with his camel for four years. The tour that starts from the minibus stop and ends in front of Surf Cafe is very lively and joyful.
Özkaya who has given information about the camel tour said that “I have been organizing tours with Yırtık for four years. I have trained it. I am making tours on the Çalış Beach since the beginning of the summer. The young and children prefer to ride while the old only take photographs.”
I bought it from the butcher
Yırtık has come to Turkey through Iran, “I am very interested in camels. I bought this camel from a butcher in Aydın-İncirliova. I trained it first and then we started to organize tours. Our tour in Çalış starts from the minibus stop and ends in front of Surf Cafe. I pay great attention to my camel. It is very easygoing and obedient. It is a member of our family.”
Some of the tourists take photographs of the camel and some others have photographs with it and its owner.

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