Camera Footage of the Traffic Accident Where 2 People Dies in Fethiye Revealed

23rd, 2014
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Fethiye- Fethiye’de 2 kişinin öldüğü kaza güvenlik kamerasında4The camera footage of the accident where 2 people died and 4 injured with the crash of a truck and minibus in Fethiye was revealed. A passenger flies away from the minibus with the impact of the crash during the accident, according to the camera footage.

The accident happened at around 11.00 on Karaçulha intersection between Fethiye and Antalya highway. The local minibus with the license plate number 48 TM 3322 driven by Alican Kıvrak, aged 24, hit the truck with the license plate number 48 GR 188 driven by Duran Kaval, aged 34 on the road between Antalya and Fethiye. Zeynep Kayacan, aged 33, and Sedat Çağan, aged 23, who were the passengers in the minibus lost their lives when the minibus overturned to the refuge with the impact of the crash. Minibus driver Alican Kıvrak, 10 year old Doğukan Karacan, 14 year old Gizem Karacan and 44 year old Sinan Küçük were injured.

Sedat Çağan and Zeynep Karcan who lost their lives due to the accident were buried while the treatments of Doğukan-Gizem Karcan, children of the deceased Zeynep Karcan, and Sinan Küçük and Alican Kıvrak continue at hospitals. Fethiye Chief Public Prosecutor investigates which vehicle caused the red light violation on the intersection. The camera footage related to the accident was also found. The camera reveals that the truck coming fast hits the minibus on the intersection. The trunk lid of the minibus opens and one of the passengers flies to the road with the impact of the cash. After the minibus overturns, the people nearby and drivers come to the accident scene. The expert report will identify the driver who caused the red light violation in the accident.

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