Candidates to be announced in September at the Republican People’s Party

24th, 2013
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SONY DSCMuğla Congressman Nurettin Demir, Provincial Director Mustafa Öztürk, District President Emrah Doğu, Ölüdeniz Mayor Keramettin Yılmaz, Seki Mayor Veli Yıldız and many party representatives attended the meeting of the Republican People’s Party. There was a stampede at the meeting due to great attendance and party members looked forward to the future projects to be carried out within the next days. District President Emrah Doğu said he was very delighted to see this great attendance and the Congressman Nurettin Demir made a speech. Demir maintained they saw the oppressive attitude of the government party especially in Şanlıurfa and there was 4 times more pressure in Muğla than that region: “People are scared. They told us so many things that they check around themselves when talking. There is discrimination between the ones from the Justice and Development Party and the ones who do not support the Justice and Development Party. Girls are sent to schools with headscarves in the Southeast. We know that Syrians whose number is claimed to be 500 thousand in Fethiye will come to Muğla, so will their 15 thousand containers. It is obvious how Syrians have affected the social life in Şanlıurfa. This is a problem that might disturb the peace in Muğla. We should show the sensitivity about the Turkish Republic for this matter as well. It seems the process ahead will be problematic.” Provincial Director Mustafa Öztürk gave information about the process to be followed at the local elections. Öztürk stated, “We have conveyed the consensus we received from 12 town presidents to our president. According to our legislations, we are going to announce our candidates for mayors 6 months before the elections in places where we have no mayors and at the last 3 months before the elections where we have mayors. On the other hand, the candidates for nomination do not have to make announcements before the appointments; there will be polls. They may go out and ask people with candidates. No one can involve a witch hunt or a smear campaign. We are going to announce Fethiye Mayor Candidates in September.” FG)

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