Cappadocia attracts foreign, local movie companies

25th, 2013
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nevThe Cappadocia region in Central Anatolia, with its more than 1,000 churches carved into cliffs, more than 40 underground cities, uniquely beautiful fairy chimneys and other natural wonders, such as spectacular valleys, is already an attractive cultural and tourism center, but it is also increasingly popular for both foreign and domestic movie production companies and television networks as a favorite spot for shooting scenes.

Data provided by the Nevşehir Governor’s Office notes that over the past few years, cinema industry and television professionals have been increasingly using Cappadocia’s beauty in their productions. Many foreign television networks, including from Russia, China, France, Japan and Hong Kong, have worked in Cappadocia. Forty foreign journalists, including those from Finland, Bulgaria, Estonia and Lithuania, have visited the region and prepared reports on its wonders.

The major networks that have shown interest in the region include Russia’s Channel 1 and China’s renowned travel network, Travel Channel. These two networks have shot documentaries in the region. France’s Auto-Magazine featured a photographic report on Cappadocia, titled “A Journey in Turkey.” Other documentary works shot in the area were carried out by a Japanese network and Hong Kong’s TVB. The Turkish state network TRT has also shot scenes for two of its programs, “Şehrin Simgeleri”(Symbols of the City) and “Değişim” (Change).

The networks all had to obtain permissions form Turkey’s Culture Ministry to work in the region.

Resource: Today’s Zaman

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