Coldest Winter In Thirty Years

6th, 2012
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Ortaca in Muğla is facing its coldest January in three decades and it’s not over yet. For almost a week, the temperature is below zero and there was frost on trees and a lot of greenhouse

in the region, Those who saw the frozen trees could not believe their eyes. Citizens of Ortaca, Karaburun said “Whe we woke up in the morning, we were shocked to see the frozen trees and greens. The scene was spectacular, yet, we do not know if we can save the fruit and greenery.”

Ali Camuz said “I am 26 and never seen such a thing in my life. Our lemon and orange trees are frozen. The situation in greenhouses are unclear. We cannot save the fruit on the trees.”

Zeygün Camuz added “I haven’t seen such a disaster in two decades. The temperature fell below minus three for the first time. The fruit on the trees are already garbage.”

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