Consider the Rise of Turkish Medical Tourism

3rd, 2013
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While cheap holidays to Turkey were attempted for other reasons, some tourists have come to Turkey for specific reasons that most people in the West would not think about. After all, weaves and other hair products are usually shipped to Western countries and then sold. Tourists do not tend to go to other countries to find their hair. On the other hand, a specific group of tourists has contributed to a boom in Turkish tourism in a particular sector, getting their hair and their faces fixed on their Turkey holiday. This has led to mixed to great results, though the prices have generally turned out to be very reasonable for this procedure.

Dateline-, 12/23/2012


Medical tourism in Turkey is on the rise. Of course, these tourists did not just come for the fun of the sun, the surf, and the sands. Instead, they came to fill that empty space in their lives. What empty space? Well, most of them are looking for facial hair transplants. While men in the West may prefer to be clean-shaven, hair in some cultures has become an indication of masculinity, virility, and strength. These are attributes that are very beneficial for any men who are looking for wives. Apparently women in their cultures appreciate these features, even if the partners of these men might be hesitant to appreciate artificially implanted hair.

Istanbul and other major metropolitan centers are doing a fine trade in hair growth, particularly the growth of facial hair. The Turkish government has a great relationship with the Arab countries, leading to an increase in tourism coming from the Middle Eastern countries in particular. Some of these men wish to look younger, while others wish to enhance their appearance to feel and look more masculine. Thick hair is a status symbol in Middle Eastern countries, and seventy five percent of customers who go to Turkey for medical tourism are from Arab countries. Aside from medical tourism, Arabs still make up a significant portion of people going on their cheap holidays to Turkey. In 2011, 4 million out of 30 million tourists were from Arab countries.

For their Turkey holidays, they could opt for a new face of hair. Many Turkish public figures are known for their great facial hair, influencing the trend amongst those who are seeking to emulate their heroes. Current Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, for example, is quite popular. While few people have requested the so-called “almond mustache” that identifies his party members, he is quite well known amongst the Arabs of other countries. Other tourists will ask for the mustaches of celebrities, or perhaps the roughly shaven look that has come to define sexiness. Many decide to choose Turkey for their medical tourism because the procedure is cheaper here. For a few thousand American dollars, they can get their procedure done. It doesn’t work on everyone, though. It should not be seen as a medical miracle. Hair is merely taken from the back of the head, where most men are not bald, to be transplanted to the face. This results in a thick growth of facial hair.

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