Council Discusses Problems

14th, 2015
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Mayors, chamber presidents and representatives of accommodation sector of Bodrum, Fethiye and Marmaris Districts gathered at the 3rd Assembly at Bodrum Yalıkavak Palmalife Hotel.

It is decided at the Assembly organized in Bodrum that the current organization is to sustain activities under the name “Bodrum-Fethiye-Marmaris-Tourism Council” with the opinions of 3 mayors and other sector representatives.



Several issues regarding terrorism, immigration and tourism problems were discussed at the assembly. The common press release states: “Our society is deeply saddened by the terrorist attacks that our country has encountered in recent weeks. Our municipalities are ready to provide all the support regionally to put an end to this pain caused by traitors. We carry on mourning for our mutual pain together. We condemn all kinds of terrorism, believe all the demonstrations and protests against terrorism right and yet, we should show our protests in control and act in common sense. We believe that turning these protests and demonstrations to violent acts will not bring any benefits and will cause damages to the integrity of our society and tourism with a point of no return. We would like to call for common sense against terrorism and no tolerance against provocative acts.”



Increasing immigrants from the Middle East, particularly from Syria, Northern Africa and Asia have made our country a crossing area after the announcements of some European countries that they would accept immigrants. Dramatic outcomes caused by immigrants especially in Bodrum and other coastal towns of Muğla are obvious. It is clear that the immigration problem cannot be solved with the limited opportunities of local administrations and it is inevitable that even more dramatic incidents might happen in our region considering that the current situation may continue within recent months and years. We are ready to be the host of a possible international assembly to be organized by government authorities in for the solution of this problem. Before the upcoming winter months, it is our duty to keep the swarming of immigrants in control and prevent any loss of life.



Mayors of 3 districts will act together in order to diversify tourism market of our region, increase the number of visitors and extend tourism season. For this purpose, a short, medium and long term “course of action” and a detailed work program is going to be prepared and submitted to the councils. The main elements of this project are to protect and develop current markets, search for new markets, find new promotional methods, extend tourism season with alternative options, increase the quality of service and product in the sector and start a process for branding including all the Southern Aegean.



It is decided that the common cause of 3 tourism centres will be institutionalized and a secretariat will be formed. Mete Ay on behalf of Fethiye Council, Marmaris Council Executive Assistant Sedat Kirt on behalf of Marmaris Council and Özay Kartal on behalf of Bodrum Promotion Foundation are the members of the secretariat that is to carry out the arrangements for the assembly.


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