Cruise Port is the Biggest Favour to Store Owners in Fethiye

5th, 2015
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AKP Congressman Hasan Özyer had a meeting with Akif Arıcan, the chairman of Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Cruise port, cable car, Kayaköy building permission problem and the establishment of Fethiye University, which are the vital issues for the development of Fethiye and started by Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry, were discussed in the meeting. Congressman Özyer stated that the Chamber had been working to carry out very important projects for Fethiye and these projects should be followed with special attention.

Muğla AKP Congressman Hasan Özyer, who is originally from Fethiye, AKP Fethiye District President Kadir Saruhan and district administration paid a visit to Osman Çirali and Akif Arıcan from Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry and other administrative board members. The meeting took place in Meğri Hall of the Chamber Building. Arrangements of the Chamber especially for Mount Babadağ Cable Car Project, the on-going construction of Fethiye Management Faculty, Cruise Port project were discussed. Councilman Hasan Özyer stated he would follow the important projects regarding Fethiye closely as well as the projects of Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Arıcan gave information regarding the cruise port and establishment of Fethiye University that would invigorate the economy of Fethiye and requested the support of Hasan Özyer in order to complete these projects.


Babadağ Cable Car Project to Enliven Fethiye Tourism

Akif Arıcan, President of Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry, points out the investments made for Mount Babadağ have started giving good results this year and there is 40 % increase in flights than last year. Arıcan stated that tourists from the Far East came to Fethiye thanks to Mount Babadağ in winter and once the cable car project started, it would invigorate the tourism in Fethiye.

Arıcan expressed his appreciation to Congressman Akif Arıcan for his contributions to Babadağ cable car project and more support was required from Ankara for the cruise port.


Supports Expected to Complete the Faculty Building

Arıcan said that the construction of Fethiye Faculty of Management was about to be completed and more support was needed to provide interior construction. Arıcan explained that the area allocated for Fethiye Faculty of Management had a capacity for 8 faculties, the Faculty of Agriculture had become the second faculty of Fethiye and turning the Health Occupational School to a faculty would bring the third faculty to Fethiye and this was the adequate reason for the opening of Fethiye University.


Plan for Building Permission in Kayaköy Required

Akif Arıcan also talked about the building permission problem in Kayaköy. He said there was no progress on the developments which had been started before and since the illegal constructions increased in the village with no building permission, this problem should be resolved.


Bureaucratic Barriers

Muğla AKP Congressman Hasan Özyer stated the Chamber brought great contributions to Fethiye and said, “The people of Fethiye had been waiting for these projects for a long time. I am from business world. For me, time + work = result. Unfortunately, there are bureaucratic barriers in Turkey. If you want to finalize a project, you should follow it very closely. If a project is not put into practice, the main reason is usually the lack of attention to the project. This is a general situation.”


We Will Do the Biggest Favour to Store Owners of Fethiye If We Open the Cruise Port

Özyer pointed out that the cruise port was very important for Fethiye: “Cruise port has been needed in Fethiye for a long time. I talked to the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning. A firm or the governorship should take the required steps. On Sunday, I had a meeting with Mr. Governor. The Governor will do his part for the project and it will be announced. When the investors come, we will follow up and conclude. If the government will not be able to do it, the project should be implemented by an institution. We will speed up the process. It must start from somewhere and be finalized. I am ready to overcome all the obstacles but it is not possible to follow all the projects in Muğla for me. We will do the biggest favour to store owners in Fethiye if we open this cruise port.”


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