Dalyan Canals in Ortaca Attract Attention with 180 Bird Species

17th, 2013
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The General Directorate of Natural Protection and National Parks has taken Muğla Dalyan Canals and Tuzla Lake of Bodrum under protection in the name of water area bird sanctuaries with the other bird sanctuaries under protection including Balıkesir Manyas, Bolu Yeniçağa Lake, Adıyaman Gölbaşı Lakes, Bursa Uluabat Lake, Konya Kozanlı, Sivas Tödürge Lake, Osmaniye Kirmitli, İzmir Gediz Delta, Burdur Lake, Tokat Kaz Lake and Samsun Kızılırmak Delta. Dalyan which is famous for Caretta Caretta turtles, Rock Tombs and İztuzu Beach has become a real bird sanctuary. It is known that 180 bird species either live there permanently or migrate at different times.
Many foreign bird observers come to Dalyan in different months of the year just to see these birds. The most interesting guests of summer months are storks. Kemaliye and Okçular Village have become the area where stork colonies are seen. The bird species that can be observed in Dalyan are kingfisher, shag, little bittern, purple heron, little eagle, kestrel, gull-billed tern, vanellus spinosus, squacco heron, coot, stork, swallow, reed-warbler, short toed eagle, bee-eater, seagull, glossy ibis, little white heron. Other bird species also use the area as wintering and nesting area.
There are 30 bird species in Bodrum Tuzla Lake. However, only flamingos attract attention with their big beaks, thin long legs and pinkish feathers. Flamingos migrating to Africa in winter use Tuzla Lake as a sanctuary. (FG)

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