Damaged Buildings Being Demolished

23rd, 2014
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Damaged buildings which are called “drunken buildings” by the occupants on Dispanser Street in Fethiye are being demolished. Damaged buildings which look slightly overturned on Dispanser Street for years having stores on the ground floor and apartments on the upstairs had attracted attention in the entire country after the 2012 earthquake with a magnitude of 6.1 in Fethiye.

As a result of the investigations and assessments, these damaged buildings on the verge of collapse were demolished and the owners of the buildings were notified. The owners of the buildings were informed that they might benefit from urban transformation law in terms of parcels. 11 buildings with 3 floors on Dispanser Street are to be demolished in the management of Fevzi Altınsoy, the Branch Manager of Muğla Environment and Urbanization Provincial Directorate Substructure Urban Transformation. 3 buildings owned by Mustafa Ferizcan were demolished in the first process and the other 8 buildings are to be demolished next month for Urban Transformation Project as it was announced. Fevzi Altınsoy, the Branch Manager of Muğla Environment and Urbanization Provincial Directorate Substructure Urban Transformation, gave information regarding the demolition works: “Our arrangements carry on for June and July here. As it is seen, these buildings were damaged from the base and we explained this situation to the owners of the buildings as the Urban Transformation Branch Management and Municipality in a meeting. We told them to demolish the buildings themselves so as not to cause any loss of interest and 90 percent shareholders brought their title deeds and risk conditions of their buildings. Pursuant to the Urban Transformation Law no 6306, building owners will benefit from all the opportunities of government and we will follow all the arrangements from the beginning to the end. There are currently 11 buildings here. We are going to demolish 3 buildings in the first process. Then other buildings are going to be demolished.”

Mustafa Tezcan, the owner of the 3 buildings being demolished, said, “As we all know, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization has started an urban transformation project in the entire country. Our beautiful city Fethiye had gone through a sad incident in 1957 with an earthquake. We have started the first process in coordination with the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. I would like to thank everyone for their support.”


Sadi Çidem, Director of Natural Disasters in Fethiye Council, stated, “As Fethiye Council, we had shown our awareness on the similar buildings with our arrangements since 2004. However, laws should have to be accepted first. Urban transformation law no 6306 started 2 years ago. 178 parcels have been transformed with urban transformation project in Fethiye. Our arrangements have started with the contributions of Muğla Provincial Directorate of Urbanization. There are 11 buildings to be demolished on Dispanser Street. 3 buildings of Mustafa Ferizcan are being demolished today.”

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