Death Comes One Day Later

25th, 2013
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bu50 year old Hakan Onor who heard that his 78 year old mother Guzey Kamozut died was found dead covered in blood at his home yesterday. The mother and son who lost their lives in 2 days in a row were buried next to each other in Fethiye.

Guzey Kamozut, living alone at her rented house on 815 Street in Tuzla District of Fethiye, told his son Hakan Onor having intestinal cancer and living in New York to come to Turkey for treatment. During the treatment of Onor last December, Guzey Kamozut who had a heart disease also got sick. While Onor was getting his treatment, the health problems of Kamuzot got worse. She was taken to Fethiye Public Hospital first and Antalya Mediterranean University Medical Faculty Hospital later for treatment. Hakan Onor who went to Antalya with his mother and got treatment with money for 1 week since he did not have any health insurance returned Fethiye to get a Green Card. While she was trying to find a treatment for his son, the health condition of Guzey Kamozut went serious and had heart operation twice, however she could not recover from her last operation and lost her life. Hakan Onor found out about his mother’s dead on the phone while he was waiting for his mother in Fethiye and asked the help of his relatives to bring the body of his mother. The body of Guzey Kamozut was taken to the Municipality of Fethiye by a hearse.


The body of Kamozut was taken to the morgue of Fethiye Public Hospital and Engin Maraşlı, a family friend who was taking care of the funeral arrangements, called Hakan Onor. When he didn’t answer, Maraşlı went to his home on 815 Street, knocked the door but no one answered. Maraşlı got suspicious, called the police and found the body of Hakan Onor covered in blood at about 09.00 p.m at home. Several cuts were found on the body of Onor and an investigation was started for the possibility that he might have committed suicide.


It is understood from the blood stains that Onor walked inside the house, went to the second floor leaning back the wall and searched for the house looking for something and knocking things down, however, the cuts on his body were not fatal. While the police considered the possibility that Onor might have died due to intestinal cancer, the body was sent to Muğla Forensic Medicine Institute for autopsy after the judicial review of Fethiye Chief Public Prosecutor Gökhan Çam. After the autopsy, the body of Onor was brought to Fethiye in the evening hours and buried at Çatalarık City Cemetery alongside with her mother Guzey Kamozut whose body was also being kept at the morgue. His neighbours and municipality staff attended the funeral. Fethiye Municipality Cemeteries Director Osman Musluk performed funeral prayers for the mother and son whose bodies were taken to the cemetery by a hearse of Fethiye Municipality. Blessings were given to the mother and son and they were buried alongside with each other at about 07.30 p.m. While a few of their neighbours watched the funeral sadly, two other children of Kamuzot living in the USA could not come to the funeral due to financial problems.


Engin Maraşlı, the close family friend of the mother and son, said they were very sorry, Onor could not stand the death of his mother and Guzey Kamozut tried really hard to get a treatment for his son: “Mrs. Guzey got ill during the treatment of Onor. We took her to Antalya. They had difficulty as their financial condition was bad. She could not recover from her second operation in Antalya and died. After bringing her body to Fethiye, we called Hakan but we went to his home as he did not answer the phone. However, he could not stand the pain of his mother’s death. He was being treated for cancer for a long time. If he didn’t die, he would have a Green Card today and his treatment would start. We are upset.” The Funeral Director Osman Musluk said they were speechless by these deaths came two days in a row and they could not know when death came.

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