Decision made, transformation starts

12th, 2012
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A transformation work is going to be done about the buildings that are leaning on one side on the promenade of Fethiye in accordance with the decision the Ministry of Environment and City Planning made. It has been stated that the related legal decision has been notified to the Ministry of Environmentand City Planning.
The buildings in question have been examined by a commission of three people coming from the Directory of Development and Housing and appointed by the Ministry. The buildings that lean on one side even more because of the earthquake that took place in the offshore waters of the Blue Lagoon on the tenth of June can stand erect only leaning against each other. From the cracks between the buildings it is possible to see the other side of the street. There are 6 working places and 18 flats in the buildings in total.
It has been determined with a report of the municipality of Fethiye in 2004 the buildings have leaned on one side and they are not resistant to the earthquake. After the earthquake that took place on June 10th, the commission of detection from Muğla AFAD (the directory of Disaster and emergency) examined the area. The commission wrote a report stating that there were visible cracks in the buildings and they were about to collapse. AFAD is going make a detailed work to measure the inclination of the buildings and to determine the other buildings that are in a similar situation.
City Transformation is on its way
According to the information given by the authorities, the decision of the Ministry of Environment and City Planning has been delivered to Muğla Directory of Development and Housing. It has been reported that a transformation plan is going to be applied about the buildings. The buildings are going to go through a test of resistance to earthquake and the according to the results of the test, a report is going to be prepared.
According to the results of the tests, some buildings are going to be strengthened while the ones that cannot be strengthened are going to be demolished. The technical staff members from the directory are expected to arrive and make some examinations in Fethiye. The residents that live in these buildings want the works to be completed before winter.

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