Discover Kayaköy on Camel and Horse

21st, 2014
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kayaköy deve3_1200x800Tourists going on camel and horse safari tours in Fethiye visit Kayaköy and watch the natural beauties of Ölüdeniz on the pathways in the forest. Domestic and foreign tourists both breathe in forest air on camel and horse safari tours offering the historical, cultural and natural beauties in the region and have good time. Starting from Kayaköy, camel and horse safari tours give the holiday-makers an opportunity to go on different adventures in two different spots. Tourists choosing the horse safari tour have a chance to discover Kayaköy and Ölüdeniz on horse with guides. Horse safari tours are organized by 3 horse farms in Kayaköy and nearly 10 thousand people go on horse safari tours in a year. Those going on tour on horse for 2 hours are first given a brief theoretical education. Holiday-makers reach Kayaköy using the paths in the forest accompanied by guides and the guides tell them the history of the village here. After tourists learn about the historical information on horse, they go from the forest road to the top in order to see the panoramic view of Ölüdeniz. Tourists returning the farm at the end of the tour may feed the horses they ride if they like.


Camel safari tour is a new favourite for tourists having vacation in Fethiye. Tourists start the tour riding the camels from Kayaköy and go to Gemiler Island. Holiday-makers see the alleys of Kayaköy on camels and take photos. Tourism administrator Hakan Özvardar gives information to tourists about the history of Kayaköy on camel safari tour.


Neslihan Serilmez who went on a horse safari tour said it was exciting to ride a horse. Serilmez explained she joined the safari tour because she always wanted to ride a horse and said, “It is very different to travel with an animal. The horse did not need to be led. It was enjoyable to go through the forest. I recommend it to everyone.” Ebru Yılmaz said it was wonderful to ride a horse in the forest and explained, “I had different feelings when I rode a horse among the pine trees in the forest. I got very excited. Those who wish to see Ölüdeniz from a different angle can come to this tour.”

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