Do Not Step on the Gas, Pedal Instead

15th, 2015
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gaza degil pedale basThe event organized to spread the use of bicycle in the region for World Environment Week activities started from Beşkaza Square. Fethiye Mayor Behçet Saatçi participating in the tour used the bicycle road with nearly 50 cyclists on Cahit Gündüz Street and warned some vehicle drivers parking on the cycling road. Later, Mayor Saatçi and his company completed the tour and met at Beşkaza Square again.

Saatçi told the journalists that they organized cycling tour at World Environment Week every year. Saatçi stated that they arranged this event to spread bicycle use so that people will cycle when they go the areas hard to reach by other transportation vehicles: “Cycling is good for both health and traffic. This campaign is to continue until people get the habit of cycling.”


“Cycling is a requirement more than a hobby”

Saatçi pointed out that he went to the council by bicycle some days and recommended it to everyone. Saatçi said bicycle use would reduce exhaust gas emission in the region: “Cycling is a requirement more than a hobby. There are a lot of countries like Turkey having population increase. Cycling is a necessity to decrease traffic density and prevent environmental pollution.”


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