Donate Expats Gastroscopy Device

17th, 2015
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devlet hastanesiExpats in Fethiye have donated a gastroscopy device, which is used for early diagnosis of cancer, to Fethiye State Hospital with the income of “Race for Life” event organized on April 12.

Another version of “Race for Life” event organized with the participations of nearly 1 million people in different cities of England every year took place in Fethiye on April 12. FETAV (Fethiye Tourism Promotion Cultural Environment and Education Foundation) organized races at the requests of British citizens living in Fethiye. Nearly 600 people between the ages of 10 and 80 donated 10 TL and joined the races. At the end of races for 5 km, winners were given medals and the income would be spent to support cancer researches in Fethiye, it is reported.


Donation of 37 Thousand TL

Expats have kept their promises and purchased a gastroscopy device used for early diagnosis of cancer to Fethiye State Hospital with an income of 37 thousand TL. Expats donated the device to the Oncology Service of Fethiye State Hospital with a ceremony. Fethiye District Governor Ekrem Çalık, Fethiye Health Director Uğur Çomak and Fethiye State Hospital Senior Consultant Hasan Kaya attended the ceremony. Uğur Çomak thanked expats for their donation and said patients did not have to go to other cities for cancer diagnosis anymore. Fethiye District Governor Ekrem Çalık stated, “Expats live in Fethiye in harmony. These social events are very important for us. Foreigners act with different groups as part of FETAV. They supported us in social responsibility. We appreciate them and wish their success to continue. Early diagnosis is vital in cancer. This device will bring great contributions to our hospital.”

British George Rimmer and other expats supporting the organization of the event were given plaques at the end of the ceremony.


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