Dormitories Used as Hotels

20th, 2015
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Tourism sector is in a difficult position in the Mediterranean with the impact of Russia; on the other hand, there is a demand boom in the Black Sea. When the facilities did not suffice for a swarm of Arab tourists in summer, even dormitories of students were used as hotels. Murat Toktaş, the President of the Black Sea Association of Touristic Facilities (KATİD), said the bed capacity did not suffice due to great demand to Trabzon: “Because of the great interest of Arab tourists to Trabzon, university dormitories provided service to tourists as hotels in July and August. 10 private dormitories with a bed capacity of almost 1000 were used as hotels in high season.”



Due to demand and supply gap, low services were sold by high prices and Arab tourists started tending to the Middle Black Sea for this reason, said Toktaş. Since 2013, the number of Arab tourists has increased 50 % in Samsun and Ordu, explained Toktaş and added, “The main reason is the services in bad quality in the Eastern Black Sea. Unless local managements increase supervisions, Arab tourists will prefer the Middle Black Sea Region.” Toktaş said significant investments have been made in Ordu and Samsun in recent years. There are almost 11 thousand rooms in the Black Sea Region, explained Toktaş and said, “2 thousand of 7 thousand rooms provided by the Ministry of Tourism have been arranged in the last 2 years. 2 thousand beds more will be added up to 2017. The average room capacities of June, July, August and September is 97 %.”



Toktaş stated that the number of tourists visiting Turkey is decreasing while the number of tourists in the Black Sea increased to 15 % and they estimated 10 % increase in 2016. According to Toktaş, Arab tourists also influenced the real estate sector: “Arabs have bought 4500 properties with an investment worth $500 million in the last 2 years. Businessmen of the Middle East have made co-operations and business with the contractors in Trabzon and started real estate projects with an extra budget cost almost 500 million dollars.”


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