English Girl Doing Shopping with Counterfeit Money Gives Statement

19th, 2012
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 English girl who was caught with the claim that she was shopping with counterfeit money in Fethiye was arrested by the court and appeared in court. The victim of the incident, who is a market owner, stated at the hearing where Natasha demanded to be released that he was not pressing charges against the suspect. The hearing was annulled due to another crime which she was claimed to have committed in Marmaris. 21 year old English girl who was judged at Fethiye High Criminal Court maintained he knew 200 TL given by the boyfriend of her sister Terry was counterfeit money and was caught after doing 20 TL shopping, taking the change and leaving the shop.
Natasha W. (21), British citizen with Russian roots who had been at Muğla Prison for more than 3 months appeared at Fethiye High Criminal Court for the crime of uttering. Natasha W gave her statement with a translator after the prosecutor gave his opinion and said she knew what she was accused of and came to Ölüdeniz by a car driven by her sister’s boyfriend Abdülkadir T and stayed at the same hotel in Marmaris for a few days: “Abdülkadir T, my sister and I stayed at the same hotel. Abdülkadir gave me three 200 TL banknotes which were counterfeit money. He said these were counterfeit money. I went to the market on the road. I did shopping with 20 TL. I gave one of the 200 TLs and went out taking the change. I had put the other 200 TL in my purse. Abdülkerim was waiting in the car with my sister. While I was trying to find him, gendarmerie came and caught me. I was arrested after procedures. Abdülkerim T had told me that he was going to kill me unless I did shopping with counterfeit money. He had threatened me.” The market owner Şah Köse said he was not pressing charges and added, “This lady came to my market at around 09.00 p.m. on 09.09.2012. She bought something cost 12.50 TL. I gave her the change. After she went out, I noticed it was counterfeit money. I sent it to the exchange office. They confirmed it too. One of the customers called the gendarmerie and they caught this lady. I have no loss about the incident. I am not pressing charges.”
The solicitor of the British citizen Natasha W demanded her clients to be released. The Chief Public Prosecutor demanded her to be sent to jail since she had no ID or passport during the incident, her passport was at her bag which was in the car of Abdülkerim T however the gendarmerie could not find her passport during the search either. The court board stated a case had been opened against Natasha W in Marmaris, the indictment had been sent to Fethiye, but as it had not been examined yet, the court decided the release to be rejected. iha)

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