Environmental Disaster with Olive Oil Gets 82 Thousand TL Fine

26th, 2013
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Muğla Governorship Environment and Urban Planning Provincial Directorate imposed 82 thousand TL fine to the olive oil factory that has caused an environmental disaster in Fethiye Gulf due to olive oil wastes left in Mut Stream in Fethiye.

After the severe rain on January 27 in Fethiye, the olive oil wastes were carried through Mut Stream and as a result, the sea surface was covered in black at Fethiye Gulf and holiday-makers showed their reactions against pollution. After the pollution having affected Fethiye Gulf 60 %, The Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning Measurement and Tracking Department had taken samples from Mut Stream and Fethiye Gulf. After the examination of these samples, Muğla Governorship Environment and Urban Planning Provincial Directorate charged the factory administrated with cooperative with 82 thousand TL fine.
Fethiye District Governor Ekrem Çalık made a speech concerning the issue and said the factory that caused an environmental disaster was fined as expected. The goal of this fine was to keep the gulf clean according to Çalık and he explained, “After the examinations, we have identified that the wastes polluting the gulf were coming from a waste storing area of an olive oil factory. This factory was imposed 2 thousand TL fine by Food Agriculture and Stockbreeding Provincial Directorate and 80 thousand TL by Environmental and Urban Planning Provincial Directorate. The total fine is 82 thousand TL. Our aim is not to punish but to keep the gulf and environment clean. Our next arrangements will be in such a way that the precautions will be taken to prevent pollution. We will track and warn the other facilities as well.” FG)

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