17th, 2013
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ESİN’S ART which gives service both as a cafe and with hobby purposes across the Courthouse in Fethiye welcomes and waits for its customers. Ms.Esin, the owner of ESİN ART, says “We have opened a cute little café which fits Fethiye very well. People can come here, drink their tea and coffee and paint, make jewelleries and do hobby stuff as well. This is a place where people can have really good time. I would like to address especially foreigners that I will be delighted to welcome you here. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to have this interview with you.”

-Can you tell us about yourself?
I came here to live as a result of a marriage while I was living in İstanbul. I love Fethiye very much. I loved this place as it used to be a fisher town, the place we lived was very close to the sea and also I loved to sleep with the sounds of the fishing boats at night, but unfortunately the sounds of the fishing boats went away after the amendments made on the beach. Yet, almost everyone seems very happy about this change. They believe Fethiye is more beautiful now.
-What was your purpose to open this place? Why did you open this place?
I wanted to bring a different concept here. I wanted to make myself busy with work and make people spend good time. This place is normally both a café and a workshop where people may come and use, drink coffee, have conversation at the same time; besides I have a certificate of mind development. Helping people makes me very happy. I took this as a goal. To change people’s lives… I am also an insurer. I deal with my insurance works from this place. I used to work as “home office” but I don’t feel very productive when I was at home. I thought if I could open such a place, I would feel more productive.

– You have opened this place especially for foreign citizens living here. You want to give service especially to them. What is your message to foreign citizens living here?
– First of all I should say that I see them as one of us and I want them to feel like that. I try to make them feel like at home as if their own countries when they come here. It makes me happy that they feel as they are remembered on their special occasions with these greeting cards. I have so many foreign customers.
I would like to tell them something from here thanks to you: Come and enjoy here, feel the positive energy, make them at home here. I would like to be friends with everyone. Visit me and let’s be friends.

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