Every Year 100 Thousand Rich Tourists and 14 Million TL Income Lost

26th, 2013
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The lack of a cruise port makes Fethiye miss 100 thousand rich tourists and 14 million TL every year. As Fethiye still does not have a cruise port, liners and big ships cannot enter the town. Passengers in liners and cruises who can only watch the town from distance are carried by boats to our town if they want to stop by and see Fethiye closely. The fact that Fethiye does not have a cruise port although the town has opportunities draws several reactions. Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry has shown a different perspective for the necessary cruise port to extend tourism to 12 months and make the town gain a well-deserved income. The Chamber President Akif Arıcan maintained cruise tourism mostly appealed to tourists with high income group and explained the annual loss of Fethiye with numbers. Arıcan stated the place of cruise tourism in the world market was 11 % and as a Mediterranean town, Fethiye should have got a share from European cruise tourism. Arıcan said, “According to the statistics we received in 2011, cruise tourists spend 61 Euro per person in average at the ports of call. In case 100 thousand cruise tourists are welcomed in Fethiye in a year, it is estimated that 100 thousand Euro, which means 14 million 270 thousand TL, will be gained as contribution to the trade in Fethiye. Apart from all these, our region may increase its income undertaking and providing extra functions such as a supply point and maintenance facility. In addition, a possibility to extend tourism to the rest of the year except summer months may be born and increase trade incomes.” On the other hand, The Ministry of Culture and Tourism had announced that Fethiye had been suggested as a port of call with a proposal given in 2010 to the General Assembly of Turkish Parliament for allowing a cruise port in Fethiye. The former Minister Ertuğrul Günay had stated that Istanbul, İzmir and Antalya has been shown as the main cruise ports. According to his formal explanation, Fethiye had been predicted as a port of call with the other important ports including Kuşadası, Alanya, Marmaris, Sinop, Trabzon. It was announced Fethiye was also shown at Turkey Cruise Platform which was founded with the initiatives of İzmir Chamber of Commerce to find common strategies to improve cruise tourism. Fethiye port is listed in the inventories of Turkey cruise ports and harbours made by this platform as well. (FG)

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