Excessive Speed Brings Death in Fethiye

15th, 2015
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Fethiye’de Aşırı Hız Ölüm Getirdi 3While he was going after his son being taken to hospital, he crashed a motorcycle and the motorcyclist died. Motorcycle rider Ahmet Tayyar Bildik, aged 56, was crashed by Onur Arıkan, 27, in Fethiye. Arıkan was going to the hospital for his son who was poisoned by bleach. The car dragged Bildik for 38 m and the motorcycle for 96 m with the impact of the crash and only managed to stop at a distance of 112 m to the spot where the accident happened.

The accident happened on the 7th km of Fethiye-Antalya Highway at about 10.30. Bedirhan Arıkan, 2 year old son of Onur Arıkan who works as a manager in a drug company, drank bleach at his home in Seydikemer. The little boy who was poisoned was brought to Fethiye State Hospital. Onur Arıkan found out that his son was poisoned while he was at work and started driving from Seydikemer to Fethiye State Hospital by his car with the license plate number 48 PV 666. He hit the motorbike (license plate number 48 HT 342) of Ahmet Tayyar Bildik from behind.


The car dragged Ahmet Tayyar Bildik for 38 m and dragged his motorbike for 96 m with the impact of the crash and was able to stop at a distance of 112 m to the accident area. Ahmet Tayyar Bildik whose helmet was smashed and fell in blood died in the accident area.



Having tried to go to the hospital to see his poisoned son, Onur Arıkan was arrested by the police in the accident area to be taken into custody and taken to Fethiye Police Station. Due to the accident, traffic was taken under control for 1 hour on Fethiye-Antalya Highway. After the investigation of Fethiye Chief Public Prosecutor and the police, the body of the motorcyclist was brought to Fethiye State Hospital Morgue. Bedirhan Arıkan who was having treatment in the same hospital was discharged. It is reported that the deceased motorcyclist was doing tomato packaging at the wholesale market in Fethiye and the accident happened by the time he went to the bank by motorbike. Muhammet Akyüz, one of his friends, came to the accident area after the accident and explained that the excessive speed caused the accident. Akyüz said a lot of motorcycle accidents resulting in death happened in Fethiye and Bildik who had divorced from his wife was living alone in Fethiye.

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