Fake Police Commissioner Caught Red-handed in Fethiye

28th, 2013
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A person who introduced himself as “Police Commissioner” in Fethiye was caught red-handed when he tried to supply lots of drinks with the excuse of a celebration at the police home. According to the allegations, A.D.(35) who is from Manisa wanted to buy lots of drinks from a store on the road to Ölüdeniz. A.D. introduced himself as Police Commissioner from the Police Department and claimed that they were going to organize a party at Ovacık Police Home so they wanted to order drinks for this party. While the seller was taking the orders, the fake police commissioner said they were going to send a taxi to get the drinks. When the seller got suspicious, he called the police to ask if they were going to organize a party or not. The police said no and contacted with the drink store. The ordered drinks were sent with the commercial taxi. The police started following the taxi. The drinks in the taxi were started to be moved to another car where A.D. was driving at Oluklu Area. The police caught the fake police commissioner A.D. with the operation at that moment. Investigation still continues. iha)

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